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We manufacture custom modular buildings and support you with complete technical solutions, so you don’t waste time on excess communication with other project participants.

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Modular manufacturing & technical support

With Modekon, you get tried and tested expertise, quality, and reliability. Our expertly-crafted, custom-made modules offer you innovative solutions for your construction projects — be it residential and commercial buildings, student homes, or school and sports structures.

Outsource your production to reliable and experienced modular specialists.

Discover how you will benefit from our broad engineering and manufacturing experience:

  • Simplify your production processes by relying on our extensive technical support. Use our custom solutions to comply with building regulations, like:
    • Energy requirements
    • Fire protection
    • Noise reduction

We adhere to current regulations and standards and offer you a guarantee on our solutions, eliminating legal risk for you.

  • Save your time and let us prepare for you documentation for:
    • Static calculation
    • HVAC engineering
    • Water installation engineering
    • Electrical installation
    • Workshop documentation

For every project task, we develop optimal and, if needed, custom solutions that support your vision of the building project.

  • Receive our free advice regarding:
    • Choice and purchase of suitable materials
    • Innovative and optimal solutions that are in line with user and legal requirements

Production capacity & delivery time

Want to kick off your building project now?

  • We are ready to start working on the project documentation and order all materials immediately. Shortly after receiving the materials, we will start building your object
  • We give a strong guarantee on the agreed deadlines
  • Our current production capacity is around 1,500 sqm per year

Experience for yourself how we can help you speed up your building project’s timeline.

Quality & technical characteristics

When it comes to manufacturing, we deeply care for production control, so that you can be sure your building is the highest quality. Our construction system is modular and skeletal. We use steel, wood, and concrete, depending on the project.

Our production focus is custom-made products. We love technically demanding projects.

For executed objects, properties such as water tightness, air tightness, thermal properties, etc. are checked as required.

We guarantee all our objects.

Assembly & maintenance

Your choice: we can assemble our objects or provide you with complete assembly instructions.

We also offer maintenance of our objects for the duration of the guarantee.

Past Work

Finished projects

Business modular building

Complete production

Business modular building of 200m2, located by the sea, produced and assembled by Modekon. Consists of restaurant, sanitary facilities with showers, reception and storage. On the roof of the building there is a terrace with wooden decking and an electric movable pergola. Professional installation of ventilation, heating and cooling has been installed in the building. The ventilated facade is made of compact aluminum panels, and the fences are made of a combination of steel and ropes.

Border control

Complete production

Production, transport and assembly of facilities for border control in the port of Dubrovnik. The facilities are made of stainless steel, covered with tempered glass, and fully equipped.

Family house

Complete production

An object produced by Modekon, a low-energy family house with outdoor terraces. The total area of the building is 250m2. The building has a ventilated falc facade. The internal walls are double so that the installations do not penetrate the air-tight barrier. The wall and floor of the terrace are covered with WPC elements. The house is made according to the customer’s measurements and meets all technical requirements in construction.

Facility for railway workers

Complete production

The object contains two toilets, a wardrobe and a kitchen. It has an internal door flush with the wall, while a ventilation system is installed on the external aluminium window. The basic structure is steel, and the ventilated facade is made with Eternit panels according to the architect’s choice. The facility is located at a railway station in Austria.

Advertising totem

Complete production

Advertising totem measuring 5×2.8×0.75m, with perforated sheet coverings and compact aluminum panels. Inside the totem are the electrical cabinets.

Past Work

Marko Stanić, company owner

Marko Stanić
Vedran Lovretić


Modekon d.o.o. is a young and dynamic Croatian company founded by Marko Stanić and Vedran Lovretić.
We specialize in modular construction using innovative solutions and latest standards.

Our doors are open. Feel free to visit us in our offices to discuss potential partnerships.

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